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Wiring Diagram For Spotlights To High Beam - Nov 01, 2013  · it's now set as thick + wire tapped onto battery which leads to the fuse then relay. Then relay to two wires for LED bar with both negatives grounded to the battery. the remaining positive thin line is tapped to the line that goes to the high beam wire. So the relay now only turns on. 10Amp Wire and Car Spotlight Wiring Diagram with Relay, Battery and Car Spotlight Wiring Diagram with 55 Watt SPOT, Car Spotlight Wiring Diagram with 12 Volt Supply and Hi Beam Wire, Car Spotlight Wiring Diagram with Exiting Low Beam and. See more images of wiring diagram spotlights to main beam Wiring Diagram Spotlights To Main Beam - jonasp.de relay to the battery, with a fuse in between. • Test to see if the driving lights are working on high beam, and also test the operation of the dashboard switch..

Nov 01, 2013  · Wiring driving lights to high beam Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last. Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 25 Thread: Wiring driving lights to high beam Thread Tools. I tapped high beam wire off the back of the light itself at the front, but that worked well in my Disco as the battery is centimetres away from the light itself.. Nov 16, 2011  · 1. Faulty ground or power supply wire to the spotlight. 2. Worn, chafed, or broken wires in the light circuit. 3. Corroded, broken, or loose pins/sockets in wire connectors. 4. Faulty hi/low beam switch. 5. Fuse is good but no continuity on both sides. 6.. - HID Models ensure polarity is correct, Halogen lights are not polarity sensitive. 11. Secure all excess wire to the vehicle. 12. Connect the high beam control wire: - Using a multi-meter or test light findthe active high beam switching wire located on the back of the head light. Connect “Tee Tap” connector onto this wire, refer to figure 3..

Apr 28, 2011  · Spotlight relay wiring help was created by coptleigh. just out of curiosity, looking at the wiring diagram, I am assuming that the positive for the main beam is the red wire going to the holder on the headlamp bulb? is this the way to wire up the relay to get the lights to work with the high beam circuit?? Cheers Alan. Attachment. The high beam indicator inside the car can trickle enough power through to not let the driving lights drop out. It takes about 8-9V to trigger a 12V relay, but only about 4V to hold it in. c) It avoids problems with the relay not dropping out due to a poor contact on the headlight connection.. Nov 21, 2011  · The high beam lead. Tap the wire going to the high beam for a relay trigger. The relay doesn't draw enough current to cause any system faults. You can put your switch between the tap and the relay if you want to turn off the driving lights with the high beams still on..

box or other power source. The system will not work without powering the white wire. Aiming Your Lights: Fog Lights - aim lights so that the top beam cutoff is below the level of your stock low beams. For two lights (130w maximum each) Spot Lights - aim just above your high beams for maximum distance.. Harness Wiring. Note: This is a general wiring diagram for automotive applications. Use as reference only. Your lamp kit harness my have different wire colors. Locate the low beam or high beam light lead on one headlamp by using a circuit tester.. Nov 11, 2014  · The high beam switch in my diagram above would be tapped from the R-Y wire coming from the combination switch. In reviewing what I drew I think I have an issue where the driving lights would come on if the dimmer switch was set to high even if the light control switch was off..

Jan 14, 2015  · How to wire HID projectors to your motorcycle, using this method has both lights running on low beam and the high is activated on the handle bar switch. Works for CBR1000RR & CBR600RR plus many. Spotlights wiring to high beam help Australian 4WD Action img source : 4wdaction.com.au. Wiring Diagram For Relay For Spotlights Unique Need To Wire img source : bougetonile.com. Wiring diagram spotlights on a car img source : svlc.us. Thanks for visiting our site, articleabove How to Wire Up Spotlights Diagram published by admin..

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